10X Yield

1100 kg/m2/year (225lbs/ft2/year) of cucumbers, 790kg/m2/year (162lbs/ ft2/year) of tomatoes

Profitable Unit Economics

Innovative cultivation model combining tiered vegetables growth with vertical leafy greens growth in the same room for maximum real estate utilization

Pilot or full scale facilities

Small scale (800 m2 / 8600 ft2) and commercial scale (4000 m2 / 43,200 ft2) facilities available with production capacities up to 4000 tons of produce per year

Unique horizontal trellising

Ensuring maximum density and yield

Full automation and optimization of growing conditions

State of the art sensors collect data in real time and automatically regulate irrigation, fertigation, temperature, CO2, humidity and more.

Self sustained automated pollination

No bees, no outside intervention. Our own unique patented robotic solution

Closed circle process

No external contamination, no pesticides or chemicals, full isolation from outside climate, non thermal plasma air sterilization