>10X Yield

World’s first scalable indoor vertical farming solution for tomatoes and cucumbers with 10X-20X higher yield per area unit above the most advanced greenhouses


Profitable Unit Economics

Innovative cultivation model combining tiered vegetables growth with vertical leafy greens growth in the same room for maximum energy & space utilization


IP portfolio

Patents covering indoor vertical vegetable farming, indoor intercropping systems, indoor farming of cereals for animal fodder and cannabis drying rooms


Proven track record

Dozens of facilities successfully commissioned in Asia, Europe and North America.

We provide cutting edge technologies
coupled with professional services


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Your trusted advisor for effective and profitable controlled environment agriculture. Regulation, standards, plant varieties, workflows, agrotechnical considerations and much more - we've done it all before dozens of times, so that you get it right the first time

Facility planning

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Tailoring and customizing your facility to your needs and constraints

Design & Implementaion

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From customized blueprint to a working fully furnished facility optimized for best agricultural and economic results. We've got you covered

Post project support

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Ensuring ongoing smooth operations as well as upgrades and upscale

Indoor Vertical Farming

GTVF is the pioneer of indoor vertical farming of fruity vegetables. Delivering the world’s first commercial scale solution for growing tomatoes and cucumbers (and in the future peppers and more) in a fully controlled environment independent of any external constraints and at yields per area unit exceeding any other existing solution by a factor of 10 or more.

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